About Cryptology .cloud


Cryptology.cloud ™ was founded by Dr. Sol Adoni to advance the capacity of Crypto 2.0 and Crypto 3.0 as the limits of Crypto 1.0 projects like Bitcoin have became apparent.

Bitcoin was touted as a Global Currency and in 2014 Dr. Adoni revealed it was a toy, and would not do more than 400,000 daily transactions, it is fatally flawed internally.

Now in 2021, Bitcoin is enjoying it’s ALL TIME HIGHS despite being incapable of doing any serious amounts of transactions, it is now considered by some to be a STORE OF VALUE. Due to it’s limited amount of coins or tokens.

Bitcoin Cash was invented to be much more faster than BTC Classic, it is still not strong enough to do serious amounts of transactions to become a Global Currency.

While Visa is using Big Data Technology to do almost 2000 transactions a second, that is still a toy level IF you consider most of the world has no access to western banks and credit cards.

So a real new Global Crypto has to be created and a Cloud technology to process many more times the power of the Visa and Mastercard Networks.

Cryptology.cloud is the solution to the world’s need for literally a cryptology network running in or even above THE CLOUD that can do enough transactions per second to handle the worlds needs.

Dr. Sol Adonis a world famous mathematician who released the PRIME ALGORITHM decades ago, and that algorithm was usurped by the NSA to backdoor modern encryption through special relationship keys released through NiST.

In the 1970’s Dr. Adoni as a teen theorized six and ten dimensional processors to run the future of crypto which will work on six and ten dimensional computer processors using cube bytes and decagon bytes.

This level of AI is being theorized in the Think Tank of Dr. Adoni called HelixQ..